Are you ready to identify and deal with threats that may affect your operations, people, assets, or reputation?


Security: Crime, Civil Unrest, Terror, War, Inter-Ethnic Conflict

Political: Elections, Repressive Regimes, Local/National Power Struggles

Commercial: Market Instability, Cultural Business Norms, Know Your Customer (KYC)




Our bespoke services include:

  • Threat Identification.
  • Intelligence-led analysis and assessments.
  • Practical operational security guidance and threat mitigation.







Extensive multi-source information is used to prepare analysis and identify threats:




Corporate Investigations


All types of corporate investigation performed ethically and lawfully and allowing court presentation if required.


  • Preventative investigations to examine potential clients/interlocutors and assets as part of due dilligence and KYC processes.
  • Incident investigations can stop losses, identify vulnerabilities, and help to prevent future incidents.



2H Risk offers high quality:


  • Intelligence gathering to identify all types of risk and threat.
  • In-Depth professional analysis of security, political and criminal environments.
  • Bespoke Security Risk Management guidance including Contingency Planning across all sectors.
  • Full-spectrum Corporate Investigations.



Experience and Network

Experience working for and with international organisations providing Security Risk Management, Intelligence, Analysis, Risk Guidance, and Investigative Services.

Problem-solving for corporate entities, government departments, police and intelligence services, educational bodies, and international organisations.

Using an extensive network of contacts focusing upon Europe, MENA, East Africa, and West Africa, including INGOs, Law Enforcement, National Security Departments, and Commercial Organisations.

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In the following sectors:


  • Security Sector Reform
  • Geo-political Analysis
  • International Commerce
  • Commodities and Mining Operations
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Aid Operations
  • Maritime operations
  • Insurance Risk
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Company Leader


I am Dean Holland, the 2H Risk company leader. I am an accomplished and experienced manager of Security and Risk, Intelligence, and Investigation. I effectively identify security risk, provide mitigation, identify the scale and nature of threats, and provide complete investigation operations.

I have successfully mitigated risk, enabled operations, and carried out high profile investigations for many high profile organisations such as the United Nations, European Union, NATO, various policing and government bodies, as well as high profile legal, commodity, financial, and production industries and sectors.




Our Partners:

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