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Free Contingency Planning Assessment

Are you aware of the threats to your operations, people, assets, and reputation?


      2H Risk offers high quality: 

  • Contingency Planning across all sectors
  • Bespoke Security Risk Management services 
  • Intelligence led risk information gathering
  • In-depth Corporate Investigations



Our bespoke services include:

  • Enhanced contingency planning for all organisational activities
  • Intelligence based Risk Assessment
  • Practical operational risk mitigation advice





Intelligence led


Extensive multi-source information is used to identify threats. This involves the rigorous, legal, and ethical use of:




Corporate Investigations


We are experienced and proficient in carrying out all kinds of corporate investigations ethically and lawfully allowing court presentation if required.

We carry out:

  • Preventative investigations can examine potential clients/interlocutors and assets as part of due dilligence and KYC processes.
  • Post incident investigations can stop further losses, identify personnel vulnerabilities, and help to prevent future incidents.



An Experienced Consulting Network   


  • 2H Risk is a network of specialised consultants who have deep experience working for and with international corporations providing Security Risk Management, Intelligence Operations, Risk Advice,and Investigative services.
  • Consultants have experience in working with corporate entities, governments departments, police and intelligence services, educational bodies, and international organisations.


Our network is active throughout Europe, MENA region, East Africa, West Africa, South America, and Australasia.

Risk appetite, organisational culture, geographic and corporate environment are some of the key factors involved in delivering a bespoke service. Close liaison with your organisation ensures risk information and investigations result in impactful deliverables tailored specifically to client needs.

Our services have been successfully applied in the following fields:

  • INGO/International Aid Organisations
  • Commodities and Mining Operations
  • Education
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Maritime operations
  • Insurance Risk


Advanced intelligence skills and access to key sources enables the collection of quality risk information translating into effective risk advice and mitigation reducing vulnerabilities and exposure to external threats.

Our advice helps to consistently protect your people, assets, and reputation by mitigating risks presented by:

  • The Political and Security environment
  • Production and supply chains
  • Ethical, Social and Governance (ESG) issues
  • Local Community context
  • Crime
  • Terror
  • Human resource threats

Company leader  


Dean Holland is the 2H Risk company leader. He is an accomplished and experienced manager of Security and Risk, Intelligence Gathering Operations, and all types of Investigations.


He has worked for many high profile organisations including the United Nations, European Union crisis missions, NATO, various policing and government bodies, as well as wide corporate experience in multiple industries and sectors.


This experience, along with membership of professional bodies and academic study has enabled the fostering of an extensive network of expert contacts and valued interlocutors around the world.



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